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Over 450 Years of Joy and Gourmandise


The high art of Lebzelterei is maintained at Kastner since 1559.

Over 450 years the Lebzelterei shop can track back in the well-known spa city of  Bad Leonfelden. In the main house, a bar next to the date the Kastner is 1558 already the old trade mark of life Baker. Kastner is mentioned in 1559 for the first time in connection with the ancient craft of Wachszieher, life Baker and Mead producer.


The life Baker of Rarab Kastner belonged to just this Guild since 1636.Generally favourable for the business of the double industry, as it was still called the profession of life Baker and Wachszieher, the rise of the Catholic Church in the 17th impacted century. By the fact that Bad Leonfelden was inserted, the candles from the House of Kastner were a popular offering.


Many set-backs had to be mastered and survived hard times such as for example the 30 years war, the fall of the guilds, the industrial production of candles, the great fire in Bad Leonfelden and last but not least the two world wars. But all the difficulties could be overcome by the large labour input and ambition of Kastner families. A new beginning was tried after the withdrawal of the Russian occupation forces in 1955.


After the tiring work, the first machine of gingerbread in the still very small “factory” in operation was taken in 1970. To compensate for the strong seasonal fluctuations in the gingerbread sale, soon new articles were included by intensive product research in the production programme. Especially the rum plum ultimately brought the turnaround from a small local company into an internationally renowned company. Kastner Rumba plum versüßten Christmas in weightlessness on the MIR also Russian cosmonauts.


In 1976, the first new factory building was involved, in 1996, the building of the dairy in Bad Leonfelden were purchased and adapted for the production. In 2001 the company in a management buyout by the current owners was Mag. Franz Weglehner and Paul Nimmervoll took over. The company employs today at the site of Bad Leonfelden between 60 and 80 employees in the production, administration, in the factory shop and Cafe.