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Quality of Kastner

Highest quality is our aim …

The customer is the most important aspect in the quality efforts to our company. He is ultimately the measure which decides whether our products have the desired quality. Our goal is to produce quality products that fully take into account the wishes of the customers.

In our internal quality management system, we set standards for all steps and processes in the company. Each business process should be characterised by high quality. The system is, therefore, our own internal “standard” that applies only to our company and is composed of the sum of organizational rules.

On the one hand, the benefits for our company is the satisfaction of our customers, who can rely on consistent quality in this. On the other hand, quality should be anchored by all staff in the company. The system supports us in the continuous improvement of our products and services. The standards in our company are therefore flexible and must not only respected by all, but consistently further developed also in the sense of improving.

Our company is certified according to IFS (international food standard) – higher level – and meets standards thus also by outside and rules.

Kastner is ORGANIC …

Our organic products in the field of cookies, ginger bread and wafer are not only “bio”  by writing, they are really “Organic”. This is most apparent in the EU organic logo, which appears on all our organic products and according to the guidelines of the EU regulation 834 / 2007 and 889 / 2008 guaranteed bio quality.

EU Bio Siegel

In the organic segment we process only agricultural ingredients from controlled biological. We produce products that are not only healthy and natural, but who also have good taste.

Best Raw Materials are the Basis

We already when purchasing on best quality for all our products. We use only raw materials from suppliers who meet strict quality standards as we.

Our current Certificates…

Download IFS Certificate
Download BIO Certificate
UTZ Certificate
AMA Bio Certificate
RSPO Certificate