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Our Storks

Der Storch, der sich von
Frosch und Wurm
An unserm Teiche nähret,
Was nistet er auf dem Kirchenturm,
Wo er nicht hingehöret? …

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Six years ago, in June 2007, the Stork visited us first in Bad Leonfelden. So far, the birds took our town only as through their journey. Instead of the church tower and after attaching a Horst on the disused chimney of our plant in the Linzerstraße, the storks nested and there young storks came in November 2008 the first time to the world.

Since then, the Bad LeonfeldnerInnen get every year visit of the storks. It is in this altitude – the town is located at 749 m above sea level – a small sensation. Four young storks were born in the year 2011.

Positively the presence of storks affects on the employees of the company Kastner – next generation there were in production, quality management, in the payroll, in controlling and course at the highest level – at the chef personally.