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 Sweet Heart of the Mühlviertel Region

Embedded in the heart of the Austrian Mühlviertel Region, Kastner´s sweets are a constant part of the city of Bad Leonfelden – for more than 450 years.

We live our traditions, and are fond of our quality, always focussed on the most important thing: satisfied connoisseurs. In order to meet the high expectations of our partners, we constantly refine our recipes and create new chocolate compositions. Our range goes from traditional ginger bread with fruit filling to wafers, buscuits, fruits in chocolate – tradition and innovation are both important elements of our philosophy. 

Today, everyone knows Kastner as a worldwide producer of exquisit specialities with a strong bond to the Austrian countryside.

A Culinary Journey through the World of Kastner  

We begin our journey at the first of our two production sites in Bad Leonfelden, at the old “Lebzelterei”  the traditional ginger bread manufacture. Here we produce both our traditional gingerbread varieties, such as honey or fruit gingerbread, as also our new product developments such as Apple Cinnamon and coconut chocolate gingerbread.

Our numerous types of cookies are also produced in this building. Here you can find also the children’s cookies especially for our small gourmets, shredded wheat biscuits for the lovers of nature, or organic biscuits for all who want to enjoy sweets the natural way.

Our journey continues past the factory store and the cosy cafe to Linzer Street, our second production site. Here, Kastner produces the finest confectionery variations such as almond heaps, Delikatstangerl, candied fruits, chocolate apple rings, and of course the famous Rumba plums and apricots.

In the Linzer Street we produce also our wafer specialities for small and big sweet teeth. The milk wafers are available in three delicious, fruity flavours, and are always a hit – individually wrapped, in order to guarantee optimal freshness.